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Products and Systems

GDUK Door Solutions provide innovative products and complementary solutions  – whether you are looking for automatic pedestrian, industrial, gates or barriers GDUK supplies optimised solutions all tailored to blend seamlessly in the building and guarantee the right level of safety, security and functionality.

Security Doors

Security & Protection Doors are not just heat-retaining elements; they also help to prevent break-ins. Reinforced automatic doors can be securely locked and programmed to operate in manual mode only outside normal business hours. Gilgen Door Systems is your partner when it comes to automatic door and gate systems designed to offer maximum protection against …

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Automatic Door Systems

User and building design characteristics, security and safety determine the viability of the door system. GDUK Door Solutions offer a number of pedestrian automatic door solutions built on quality and innovation, designed to achieve the highest standards in customer experience.

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Industrial Doors

Whether replacement of existing, or new installations, GDUK Door Solutions supplies systems that range from drive units to complete door packages, all with functionality perfectly aligned with customer requirements.

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Automatic Gate & Barrier Systems

GDUK source the highest quality gate and barrier systems for its pedestrian and vehicular applications. GDUK gate and barrier mechanisms offer ease of use combined with low-maintenance reliability. Designed to meet an individual site’s needs, they blend in perfectly with the existing surroundings.

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Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium shop fronts are entrances or storefronts of commercial buildings, typically made of aluminium frames and glass panels. They serve as the face of a business, providing a welcoming and secure entry point for customers.

Our bespoke aluminium shop front designs blend durability, aesthetics, and security to safeguard your assets while enhancing your business’s appearance.

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