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Automatic Gate Systems

GDUK offer a wide range of manual and automatic slide, swing and telescopic gate solutions. GDUK supply lightweight and heavy duty gate packages, ideal for high frequency heavy duty applications on private property or corporate estates that conform to relevant UK safety and security standards.

What is an automatic gate system?

Automatic gate systems are designed to open electronically, with various ways to grant entry from electronic key fobs to passcode terminals. They are commonly used for security and aesthetic purposes in residential, commercial or industrial settings.

Automatic gate systems typically consist of several components:

  • Gate: The physical barrier that opens and closes to allow access
  • Control system: The brains of the operation, which includes sensors, control panels, and possibly remote controls or access control systems to manage the gate’s operation
  • Safety features: Photoelectric or pressure sensors are included to prevent accidents by detecting obstacles in the gate’s path
  • Access control: Optional features like keypads, card readers, intercom systems, or remote controls can be integrated to manage who can enter or exit through the gate

Steel security gates come in various designs to suit your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Why choose an automatic security gate? 


Choosing an automatic gate system for your business offers several advantages, including:

Enhanced security: Electric gate systems provide physical barriers to deter unauthorised access. By controlling who can enter and exit, you can better protect your inventory, employees, and customers from security threats.

Convenience: Entry gate systems offer convenience by eliminating the need for manual operation. Authorised personnel can enter and exit without manually opening/closing the gate, saving time and effort.

Professional image: Installing an automatic gate system conveys a sense of professionalism to clients, customers, and business partners. This instils confidence in your ability to safeguard their interests.

Safety: Automatic gate systems come with built-in safety features such as sensors that detect obstacles in the gate’s path, preventing accidents.

Investing in an automatic gate system for your business offers a range of benefits, from improved security to enhanced property value and a professional image. It’s a worthwhile investment that provides long-term peace of mind.

What types of businesses use automatic gate systems?


Automatic gate systems are used by a range of industries, including:

Commercial properties: Office buildings, shopping centres, and retail shops often employ automatic gate systems to control access to parking areas, loading docks, and restricted zones.

Industrial facilities: Factories, warehouses and industrial estates use automatic gates to secure their premises, regulate vehicle traffic, and safeguard valuable equipment.

Residential communities: Gated communities, apartment complexes and housing developments install automatic gates to provide residents with controlled access, enhance security, and create a sense of exclusivity.

Educational institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities use automatic gate systems to restrict access to campus, car parks, and other sensitive areas, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Hotels and resorts: Hospitality businesses use automatic gates to regulate vehicle access to parking areas, valet services, and resort grounds, providing guests with a safe and secure environment during their stay.

Why Choose GDUK for your security gate system?


  • Customisation options: GDUK provides a range of materials, finishes, and designs for your gate system
  • Security features: GDUK can integrate an automatic gate with your choice of access systems from pin code terminals to intercom connections
  • Durability: GDUK only use the best quality, durable materials, ensuring that your metal gate system can withstand frequent use and various weather conditions
  • Regulatory compliance: All GDUK automatic gate systems meet safety and accessibility standards, as set by the DHF
  • Service and maintenance contracts: GDUK offers comprehensive service and maintenance contracts, including annual or bi-annual checks and quick assessments, ensuring gates function at peak level for as long as possible

How can GDUK help you?


  • Professional installation: Skilled technicians will ensure efficient and timely installation of your security gates
  • Maintenance programs: GDUK maintenance programs offer regular inspections and preventive measures. Ad hoc repairs also keep doors in optimal condition
  • Client training and support: User training sessions are available on the proper use and basic maintenance of your gate


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