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Automatic Door Systems

Automatic door systems need to take many factors into account. The type of building and environment, safety, security and design all determine the day-to-day suitability of an automatic door system. Hygiene, energy-efficiency and regulated pedestrian flow also need to be considered. GDUK Door Solutions offers a wide range of products centred on automatic sliding, swing, folding and curved sliding doors; all designed to meet the highest respective standards and performance criteria.

What is an automatic door?

Automatic doors are electronically operated entryways that open and close automatically, typically triggered by sensors that detect motion or physical interaction. These sophisticated systems are designed for convenience, accessibility, and energy efficiency. Coming in various styles, including sliding, swinging, revolving, and folding configurations, these doors can cater to different space and traffic requirements.

Predominantly used in commercial and public settings, such as shopping centres, hospitals, airports, and office buildings, automatic doors enhance the ease of access for all, including those with mobility challenges. They also contribute to energy conservation by minimising the amount of time the door remains open, reducing air conditioning or heating loss. Their integration into modern architecture reflects a commitment to efficiency and inclusive design, making them an indispensable feature in today’s urban landscape.

Why choose GDUK for your commercial automatic doors?

Expertise in automatic door installationOur team of professionals are highly trained and equipped with the skills and experience to ensure your doors meet EN:16005 safety requirements. This allows for a seamless installation process and ensures your doors meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

Tailored commercial industrial door solutions: We understand that every business is unique. Our doors are designed to cater to the diverse needs of commercial sectors, and our wide range ensures that we can supply the right door solution for your specific requirements.

Commitment to quality and safety: All our automatic doors conform to the highest safety standards, ensuring that they are not just aesthetically pleasing but also secure and reliable. All GDUK automatic doors meet EN:16005 & Equality Act requirements.

Comprehensive service and support: From initial consultation to post-installation support, we provide end-to-end services to ensure your automatic doors operate smoothly and efficiently.

What type of automatic door suits your business?

Selecting the right entrance solution for your business, whether it’s a sliding door, swing door, or one equipped with a swing door drive unit, requires careful consideration.

Sliding Doors

GDUK Door Solutions supply & install sliding doors in a range of configurations, utilising cutting edge technology and powerful drive systems with application specific aluminium door profiles. From single, bi-parting and telescopic configurations to a wide choice of door styles designed to enhance any entrance.

Swing Door Drive Units

A swing door operator is a motorised device designed to automate the opening and closing of swing doors. It is commonly used in various settings, including commercial, residential, and institutional spaces, to enhance accessibility and convenience. A swing door operator typically consists of a motorised mechanism attached to the door, a control unit, and various sensors for safety and automation purposes.

A swing door operator can be sold individually, or as part of a door package. They can also be retrofitted to your existing aluminium, steel and timber doors.

Curved Sliding Doors

Curved sliding doors enhance any architectural design. Available in 360° or 180° configurations, a GDUK Door Solutions curved sliding door add an individual and exclusive designer touch to any building entrance.

Folding Doors

Limited space shouldn’t limit options. The automatic folding door is ideal for installation when  doorways or corridors have limited width. The system provides an elegant and attractive way of ensuring unhindered access to any building.

Key considerations for choosing the right door

Traffic volume and type: High-traffic environments suit sliding or curved sliding doors, while swing or folding doors can be better for moderate traffic.

Space availability: Sliding doors are space-efficient, whereas swing doors need clearance space. Folding doors are ideal for very confined spaces.

Aesthetic impact: The door’s look should complement your building’s design. Curved sliding doors, for instance, add a modern and luxurious touch.

Operational efficiency: Consider how quickly and quietly the door operates, especially important in busy or noise-sensitive environments.

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