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Automatic Door Systems

Automatic door systems need to take many factors into account. The type of building and environment, safety, security and design all determine the day-to-day suitability of an automatic door system. Hygiene, energy-efficiency and regulated pedestrian flow also need to be considered. GDUK Door Solutions offers a wide range of products centred on automatic sliding, swing, folding and curved sliding doors; all designed to meet the highest respective standards and performance criteria.

Sliding Doors

GDUK Door Solutions supply & install sliding doors in a range of configurations, utilising cutting edge technology and powerful drive systems with application specific aluminium door profiles. From single, bi-parting and telescopic configurations to a wide choice of door styles designed to enhance any entrance.

Swing Door Drive Units

GDUK Door Solutions swing door operators offer a strong and highly versatile drive unit delivering high performance and reliable operation for all types of swing doors from lightweight internal doors to heavyweight external doors

Curved Sliding Doors

Curved sliding doors enhance any architectural design. Available in 360° or 180° configurations, a GDUK Door Solutions curved sliding door add an individual and exclusive designer touch to any building entrance.

Folding Doors

Limited space shouldn’t limit options. The automatic folding door is ideal for installation when  doorways or corridors have limited width. The system provides an elegant and attractive way of ensuring unhindered access to any building.

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