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Sliding Doors

GDUK Door Solutions supply & install sliding doors in a range of configurations, utilising cutting edge technology and powerful drive systems with application specific aluminium door profiles. From single, bi-parting and telescopic configurations to a wide choice of door styles designed to enhance any entrance.

Sliding Doors styles


Security & Protection Doors are not just heat-retaining elements; they also help to prevent break-ins. Reinforced automatic doors can be securely locked and programmed to operate in manual mode only outside normal business hours. Gilgen Door Systems is your partner when it comes to automatic door and gate systems designed to offer maximum protection against … Continued

Gilgen SL / PSXP The Gilgen SL35 operator used in conjunction with the PSXP profile system sets the benchmark for automatic sliding door systems, combining high quality components with intelligent design. Constructed with 40mm vertical profiles and incorporating 70mm bottom rails, the system is not only elegant as much as robust having been tested to … Continued
Energy efficiency

Environment-friendly. Energy-saving. Smart. The Gilgen PST Thermally Broken automatic sliding door system provides a high level of energy-efficiency, combined with slim designed door profiles, to ensure an attractive appearance to a wide range of commercial entrances
Hermetically sealed

Soundproof. Hygienic. Impenetrable. This automatic sliding door with sealing wing-closure system is ideal for all applications that require maximum performance in terms of hygiene, noise-damping and/or extra thermal insulation.
Slim frame

Slim. Rigid. Delicate-looking. Our sliding doors with slim frames offer an ideal combination of slimline design and maximum robustness. The slender PSA profile system provides the glass with perfect protection, both inside buildings and outdoors. The Gilgen PSA profile system creates a design-oriented look that’s perfect for internal spaces, with its minimalist design incorporating low-profile frames.

Modern. Aesthetic. Impressive. Today’s architecture increasingly demands transparent solutions. Our automatic systems can even slide and rotate doors without a visible drive unit. Gilgen’s SL35 operator paired with PSF frameless configuration offers a truly transparent system designed to elevate any building.

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