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Sliding Doors

GDUK Door Solutions supply & install sliding doors in a range of configurations, utilising cutting edge technology and powerful drive systems with application specific aluminium door profiles. From single, bi-parting and telescopic configurations to a wide choice of door styles designed to enhance any entrance.

What is a sliding door?

A sliding door moves horizontally along a track, opening and closing by sliding rather than swinging on hinges. This type of door is widely utilised for its space-saving attributes and aesthetic appeal. Often crafted with expansive glass panels, sliding doors are a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications, promoting open views and the influx of natural light. Their design proves advantageous in settings where space is limited or a contemporary aesthetic is desired.

Why choose a sliding door?

Automatic sliding door systems are indispensable for commercial and industrial businesses due to their seamless, hands-free operation that accommodates high traffic. Enhancing accessibility, they effortlessly cater to customers and facilitate smooth traffic flow. Their space-efficient design optimises floor space, crucial in both settings. Energy-efficient features contribute to sustainability, and the modern aesthetic adds sophistication. With minimal maintenance required, automatic sliding doors are a practical and reliable investment for businesses looking for efficiency, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction.

Why choose GDUK for Sliding Doors Systems?

Customiszation options: GDUK doors can be made bespoke using different materials, finishes, and designs to match the aesthetic preferences and requirements of different spaces. Slimline sliding doors or more robust options are available to suit your business needs

Security features: GDUK can integrate your doors with existing security systems, including access control and surveillance, for enhanced safety.

Durability: GDUK constructs doors with the best quality, durable materials to withstand frequent use and various weather conditions for outdoor applications.

Compliance with regulations: GDUK electrical sliding doors comply with relevant safety and accessibility standards, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

Sliding Doors styles


Security & Protection Doors are not just heat-retaining elements; they also help to prevent break-ins. Reinforced automatic doors can be securely locked and programmed to operate in manual mode only outside normal business hours. Gilgen Door Systems is your partner when it comes to automatic door and gate systems designed to offer maximum protection against … Continued

Gilgen SL / PSXP The Gilgen SL35 operator used in conjunction with the PSXP profile system sets the benchmark for automatic sliding door systems, combining high quality components with intelligent design. Constructed with 40mm vertical profiles and incorporating 70mm bottom rails, the system is not only elegant as much as robust having been tested to … Continued
Energy efficiency

Environment-friendly. Energy-saving. Smart. The Gilgen PST Thermally Broken automatic sliding door system provides a high level of energy-efficiency, combined with slim designed door profiles, to ensure an attractive appearance to a wide range of commercial entrances
Hermetically sealed

Soundproof. Hygienic. Impenetrable. This automatic sliding door with sealing wing-closure system is ideal for all applications that require maximum performance in terms of hygiene, noise-damping and/or extra thermal insulation.
Slim frame

Slim. Rigid. Delicate-looking. Our sliding doors with slim frames offer an ideal combination of slimline design and maximum robustness. The slender PSA profile system provides the glass with perfect protection, both inside buildings and outdoors. The Gilgen PSA profile system creates a design-oriented look that’s perfect for internal spaces, with its minimalist design incorporating low-profile frames.

Modern. Aesthetic. Impressive. Today’s architecture increasingly demands transparent solutions. Our automatic systems can even slide and rotate doors without a visible drive unit. Gilgen’s SL35 operator paired with PSF frameless configuration offers a truly transparent system designed to elevate any building.

How can GDUK help you?

  • Professional Sliding Door Installation Services: GDUK offers professional installation services, employing skilled technicians with expertise in setting up and configuring automated sliding access doors.
  • Tailored Installation Plans: The installation process is tailored to the client’s requirements, considering factors such as the type of doors, the layout of the space, and any specific integration needs.
  • Efficiency and Timelines: The company emphasises efficient and timely installation, minimising disruption to business operations or daily activities in the case of residential installations.

Maintenance of installed doors, both planned and ad hoc: 

Planned maintenance programs: GDUK provides planned maintenance schedules for automated sliding doors. This includes regular inspections, adjustments, and preventive measures to keep your doors in optimal working condition. Routine diagnostic assessments are conducted during maintenance visits, identifying potential issues before they escalate and addressing them proactively.

Ad Hoc Repairs and Servicing: In addition to planned maintenance, GDUK offers ad hoc repair services, promptly addressing unexpected issues to minimise downtime.

Client Training and Support: GDUK offers training sessions for clients and their staff on the proper use and basic maintenance of automated sliding doors, empowering them to operate the doors effectively and identify minor issues.

Documentation: GDUK supplies comprehensive documentation, including manuals and guides, to assist clients in understanding the features, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting steps for their specific automated sliding door systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do automated sliding doors work?

Automated sliding access doors operate using sensors, motors, and control systems. Sensors detect movement or approach, triggering the doors to open or close. The motorised mechanism moves the doors along a track for smooth automation.

Are automated sliding doors safe?

Yes, automated sliding doors are designed with safety features, including sensors that detect obstructions and prevent the doors from closing on people or objects.

Can automated sliding doors be manually operated?

Yes, many automated sliding doors have a manual mode that allows them to be operated manually in the event of a power outage or for maintenance purposes.

Do automated sliding doors require regular maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the smooth operation of electrical sliding doors. This includes checking sensors, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting the overall functionality.

Can automated sliding doors be retrofitted to existing doorways?

Yes, in many cases, automated sliding door systems can be retrofitted to existing doorways, providing an upgrade to conventional manual doors. We would need to assess this based on the dimensions of the existing door.

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