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How can I purchase a new automatic door?

Gilgen Doors


Whether you need a customer friendly sliding door or a rolling shutter door for your factory, we can help. Get in touch today to arrange a conversation with us to get the call rolling.

How can I get in touch?

You can get in touch by phone (0800 316 6994), email ( or via our online contact form. If you have contacted us by email or contact form, we’ll do our best to get back to you within 2 working days.

So we can fully understand your needs, after first contact we will generally arrange a good time to have a full conversation about your business, the type of door you need and what you hope to add to your premises with the new door. If you aren’t sure what type of door would be best, our experts would be happy advise you.

What information do I need to prepare?

In order to purchase a new door will will need some specific information from you:

Door Specifications

  • Type of Automatic Door: Specify the type of door you need (e.g., sliding, swinging, revolving, or folding). Any imagery or designs can be beneficial. but not essential)
  • Dimensions: Provide the precise measurements of the door opening (height and width).

Design Preferences 

Any specific design or aesthetic preferences, such as frameless glass, custom finishes, or branding

Location and Usage

  • Installation Location: Provide details about where the door will be installed (e.g., main entrance, interior, high-traffic area).
  • Environmental Conditions: Any environmental factors such as exposure to weather, temperature extremes, or humidity levels.

Features and Functionality

  • Activation Method: Specify the type of activation you prefer, if applicable (e.g., motion sensors, push buttons, remote control).
  • Safety Features: Any required safety features such as emergency stop buttons, sensors to prevent closure on obstructions, or integration with fire alarms.
  • Accessibility Requirements: Consider ADA compliance or other accessibility needs for people with disabilities.
  • Security Features: Any specific security features (if applicable) like access control systems, interlocking systems, or security locks.

Installation Details

  • Current Structure: Describe the existing structure where the door will be installed, including any existing doors or modifications needed.
  • Power Supply: Information about the available power supply and electrical requirements.
  • Building Type: Specify whether the installation is for a commercial, industrial, or residential building.
  • Construction Timeline: Any deadlines or specific timeframes for installation.

Additional Services: Indicate if you need additional services such as removal of old doors, maintenance packages, or extended warranties.

What happens next?

After our call, we will process a quote for you, book a date for installation and contact you with this information. Once the creation and installation of the new door is in place we will send an invoice for payment.

What is the process of installation? 

The delivery and installation of your door consists of several steps:

Site Preparation: The installation area is prepared, which may include making structural modifications or setting up temporary barriers for safety.


  • Delivery of the New Door: The new automatic door is delivered by the installation team on the scheduled date and inspected
  • Positioning and Fitting: The new door is positioned and fitted into place. This includes ensuring it is level, securely anchored, and properly aligned.
  • Electrical Connections: The door’s electrical systems are connected, which may involve wiring for power, sensors, and control systems.
  • Testing: The door is tested to ensure it operates smoothly.. This includes checking sensors, opening/closing mechanisms, and safety features.

Integration and Customisation

  • Integration with Existing Systems: If required, the new door is integrated with existing security, access control, or building automation systems.
  • Customisation: Final adjustments are made to ensure the door meets your functional and aesthetic preferences.
  • Cleanup and Disposal: The installation site is tidied, with all debris and packaging materials removed.

Final Inspection and Handover

  • Final Inspection: A thorough inspection is conducted to ensure the installation meets all standards and requirements.
  • Handover: The operation of the new door is demonstrated to you, and training on its use and maintenance is provided.
  • Documentation: You receive all relevant documentation, including warranty information, user manuals, and maintenance schedules.

On site conduct

While installing your new automatic door our team will protect your property at all times, using drop cloths and protective barriers to avoid any damage. Safety protocols are strictly followed, including the use of appropriate signage and barriers to safeguard occupants and visitors. We will also maintain clear communication, keeping you informed of progress and any unexpected issues. 

Post-Installation Support

After the installation of your new door, we’ll arrange a quick follow-up call to ensure you are satisfied with the installation and to address any questions.

Products are supplied with 12 month warranties. Thereafter service contacts can be purchased

We also offer ongoing maintenance and service packages for your peace of mind. If you experience any problems with your automatic door, our nearest maintenance team will be with you ASAP. We will also conduct regular check ups so you can feel confident that your door will remain in top condition.

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