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How can automatic swing door drive units improve accessibility?



The Importance Of Accessibility

Accessibility is more than just a feature—it’s an essential component of inclusive design, ensuring that everyone can enter and exit professional spaces easily and safely. Industries and commercial premises across the board have begun to recognise the importance of adapting to the needs of a diverse and ever-expanding user base. 

There are several entrance options available for businesses looking to promote accessibility on their premises. Drive-assisted swing doors stand out as a great option for entrances within a professional building, where space-saving options like sliding doors aren’t suitable

What are swing door drive units?

A swing door drive unit is a device powered by an electric motor that automates the opening and closing of swing doors. They are widely implemented in a range of professional environments from retail shops to offices.

The operator is normally attached to an existing door and consists of a motorised component, coupled with a control unit and sensors that ensure the doors open as needed, but not when obstructed. 

How can automatic swing door drive units improve accessibility?

Our automatic swing door operators are ideal for promoting inclusivity, helping bring a blend of accessibility through convenience and technology.

  • Hands-free operation: An electric motor is at the heart of the swing door operator. This component is responsible for the automated swinging motion, offering all users the luxury of hands-free access, particularly helpful for individuals with issues around mobility.
  • Control over opening and closing: The operational centre of the swing door operator is its control unit. This component allows for a multitude of customisable settings, from adjusting the speed at which the door opens and closes to setting the hold-open duration for extended access. This is ideal for ensuring every customer has a comfortable time to use the entry point, as set by the building’s owner.
  • Customised for remote control: For added convenience, our swing door operators can be customised so they are activated by push buttons or remote controls, allowing for a higher degree of control for anyone using the door. This is a useful feature to keep access to restricted areas accessible.
  • Safety features: Safety is a top priority when it comes to our swing door drive units and to meet safety standards, our swing door operators include key features like obstruction detection technology. This ensures that if someone is in the door’s path, it will stop or reverse to prevent accidents. It is vital everyone feels safe moving around a professional environment and features like this ensure anyone can feel secure traversing the building.


With their motorised operation, customisable settings, and safety compliance, the swing door drive units can be tailored to the needs of all, helping to foster inclusivity and ensuring that these spaces are equipped to welcome a diverse audience.To enquire about the installation of automatic swing door operators for all industries, contact us today at 08003166994 or email us at

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