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Enhancing Security and Accessibility in Public Transport Centres with Automatic Doors

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Public transport centres are the hubs connecting commuters to various destinations. Over time as sustainability has become more important to the public and more people are choosing to travel by public transport, these locations have needed to optimise their functionality to be able to accommodate an increased number of people. In 2022, around 20% of people used some form of public transport to commute to work. During this time, automatic doors for transport centres have proven to be a transformative solution, simultaneously improving security and accessibility. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of integrating automatic door systems in public transport centres, and how they contribute to creating safer and more inclusive environments.

Streamlining Accessibility with Automatic Doors for Transport Centres

Seamless Passenger Flow

Automatic doors play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of passengers. Whether it be an automatic sliding or automatic folding door, by eliminating the need for manual door operation, electronic doors offer a hands-free experience. 

Not only does this make navigating these locations easier during busy periods, but also allows those with luggage or strollers to move through any area effortlessly, allowing them to reach their destination on time.

Inclusive Design

As well as this, the automated nature of these doors promotes inclusivity in public transport centres. Using either automated doors with sensors or push pads, wheelchair users and individuals with mobility challenges can easily access transportation facilities without facing barriers. 

This consideration of inclusivity allows public transport hubs to foster an environment that caters to the diverse needs of the commuting population.

Elevating Security Measures with Automatic Security Doors

Controlled Access

Automatic security door systems contribute to enhanced safety by providing controlled access to certain parts of the facilities. This allows centres to grant access to all business personnel without the risk of the general public accessing these areas too. 

GDUK’s security doors come equipped with programmable access controls, allowing you to restrict entry to unauthorised members. This reduces the risk of unwelcome individuals entering restricted areas and ensures the safety of all commuters.

Emergency Preparedness

Quick Evacuation

In the event of an emergency, the swift response and evacuation of passengers from all areas in a transport centre is critical. Automatic doors facilitate rapid egress, ensuring that passengers can exit the facility quickly and efficiently. 

Particularly when using automatic door systems with sensors, doors can open upon approach, and remain open, without any human intervention. This feature is especially crucial in emergencies, contributing to the overall safety of the commuting public.

Integration with Safety Systems

Further, our automatic security doors for buildings can be seamlessly integrated with safety systems such as fire alarms and emergency lighting. This interconnected approach ensures that in the event of an emergency, these doors will facilitate a safe and orderly evacuation process, minimising chaos and potential hazards.

As well as this, all of our security door systems are equipped with reinforced metal exteriors and have been tested and certified to the highest British and European standards, guaranteeing that they can withstand any unauthorised attempted entry. 

Using automatic door systems in the transport industry 

By prioritising the needs of commuters and implementing advanced security features, automatic doors contribute to creating a welcoming, safe, and efficient environment. 

As more people begin to use public transportation, the adoption of automatic doors stands as a cornerstone in building a more accessible and secure future for commuters worldwide.

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Enhancing Security and Accessibility in Public Transport Centres with Automatic Doors

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