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Sectional doors, comprising horizontal panels that slide up and overhead, provide secure and reliable solutions for industrial applications. With robust construction and a vertical opening design that maximises interior space, sectional doors offer a seamless and quiet operation. Commonly used in loading docks, fire stations, commercial and industrial garages, and locations where thermal insulation is crucial.

Automatic Sectional Doors


A sectional door consists of multiple horizontal panels or sections. Unlike traditional doors, these sections are connected with hinges and operate vertically, gliding up and overhead. This unique mechanism makes them ideal for spaces where conserving room is crucial.

Sectional doors are commonly made of steel or aluminium and offer a robust, sleek and modern appearance. They are extensively utilised in various applications, from industrial environments to residential garages, offering space efficiency, enhanced security, and excellent insulation.

Why choose a sectional door?


Steel sectional doors are a smart choice for both commercial and industrial settings. These doors are a hallmark of efficiency:

Space-saving: Its vertical operation maximises usable space, both inside and outside the premises

Durability and security: Steel and aluminium doors provide superior strength and longevity, essential for industrial door systems that experience heavy use

Aesthetic appeal: Their sleek design complements modern architecture, making them a stylish addition to any business building

Roller shutters  vs. sectional doors


Roller shutter doors are known for their robust security and space-saving design, as they roll up directly above the door opening. This makes them ideal for premises with limited ceiling space. They are typically made from strong materials like steel or aluminium, offering high durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, sectional doors are characterised by their energy efficiency and aesthetic versatility. They operate by opening vertically and tucking away under the ceiling, which is beneficial for conserving room around the door area and within the building. Sectional doors often provide better insulation, which is crucial for temperature-controlled environments or for reducing energy costs. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing for greater customisation to complement a building’s architecture.

Both types of doors offer excellent security and operational convenience, but the choice between them often depends on factors such as space constraints, insulation needs, aesthetic preferences, and the specific operational environment of the business.

Why choose GDUK for your sectional door systems?

GDUK stands out for offering bespoke sectional door solutions tailored to individual business needs:


Customisation: Multiple styles and finishes are available to match the architectural style and functionality of your space

Regulatory compliance: All doors are in line with current safety and accessibility standards, meeting stringent building codes

Expert installation services: Our skilled team is adept at installing various types of sectional doors, ensuring flawless operation and integration

Regular maintenance and emergency repairs: We offer both scheduled maintenance and urgent repair services to tackle any issues swiftly

Comprehensive training: GDUK can provide detailed training sessions on the operation and upkeep of sectional doors

In-depth documentation: Clients receive thorough manuals and guides, covering the functionality, maintenance, and troubleshooting of their specific door systems

Sectional Door FAQs


Can sectional doors be automated?

Yes, sectional doors can be fitted with automatic openers for convenience and ease of use. This is especially beneficial for commercial settings where frequent access is required.


How much space is needed for sectional door installation?

Sectional doors require sufficient headroom and backroom for the door to operate. The exact space needed varies based on the door size and model. A professional assessment is recommended to determine the specific requirements.


Are there safety concerns with sectional doors?

Like all large moving objects, sectional doors have inherent safety risks. However, modern doors are equipped with safety features like anti-pinch panels, auto-reverse mechanisms, and emergency release systems to minimise hazards.


How quickly can a sectional door be opened or closed?

The speed can vary depending on the door size and the type of opener used. Some commercial doors are available with high-speed motors for environments where speed is essential.


Is professional installation necessary for sectional doors?

Professional installation is highly recommended to ensure the door is correctly balanced, safely installed, and fully functional. Improper installation can lead to operational issues and safety hazards.

Purchasing a new sectional door


When you are ready to purchase your new sectional door, get in touch by phone (0800 316 6994), email ( or via the online contact form at the bottom of the page.

For more information about the purchase and installation process, access our comprehensive guide on buying your new door.

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