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GDUK supply and install high quality barrier systems. Whether you want to block, control or limit access to parking areas, multistorey car parks, security zones, tunnel approaches or your company premises – at GDUK Door Solutions, you’ll find the right barrier for your requirements. Our barrier booms and electric barriers have the additional benefit of being suitable for high-traffic access points, thus offering full flexibility. 

What is an automatic security barrier?


An automatic barrier system, also known as a barrier gate or boom gate, operates mechanically to control vehicle access to a particular area, such as parking lots, toll booths, or restricted zones.

Automatic barrier systems typically include the following components:

Boom: The horizontal bar that extends across the entrance or exit roadway to block or allow access. Booms can vary in length depending on the width of the roadway they are installed on.

Operator mechanism: The mechanism responsible for raising and lowering the boom via an electric motor that operates in response to signals from a control system.

Control system: The control system manages the operation of the vehicle barrier. It includes components such as control panels, sensors, and input devices (e.g., keypads, remote controls) to trigger the opening and closing of the barrier.

Safety features: Automatic barrier systems often include safety features to prevent accidents. These include safety sensors that detect obstructions in the path of the boom, as well as warning lights.

Access control: Automatic barrier systems are integrated with access control systems to restrict entry to authorised vehicles only. This may involve keycards, proximity cards, license plate recognition systems, or other forms of identification.

Why choose an automatic barrier for your car park?


Increased security: Automatic barrier systems provide a physical barrier that helps deter unauthorised vehicles from entering your business premises. By controlling access points, you can protect your property, assets, and staff.

Controlled access: With a parking barrier system, you have greater control over who can enter and exit your business premises. You can integrate access control systems such as keycards, proximity readers, or license plate recognition systems to manage and monitor access rights, ensuring only authorised vehicles are allowed entry.

Efficient traffic flow management: Automatic barrier systems help regulate the flow of vehicular traffic in and out of your business, improving overall traffic management. This is particularly beneficial in busy areas such as loading docks or gated communities.

Convenience for users: Automatic barrier systems offer convenience for both employees and visitors by automating the process of entering and exiting your premises. Users can simply present their credentials or trigger the barrier remotely, eliminating the need for manual intervention which reduces wait times.

What types of businesses use vehicle barrier systems?


Many types of businesses use vehicle barrier gates to control vehicle access to their premises:

Commercial properties: Office buildings, shopping centres, retail stores, and business parks utilise automatic vehicle barrier systems to manage parking areas and loading docks.

Industrial facilities: Manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centres, and industrial complexes employ automatic vehicle barrier systems to control access to production areas, shipping/receiving docks, and secure storage facilities.

Healthcare facilities: Hospitals, clinics and healthcare campuses implement automatic vehicle barrier systems to manage parking facilities, ambulance entrances, and restricted areas, ensuring smooth traffic flow and security.

Entertainment venues: Stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and amusement parks employ automatic vehicle barrier systems to control access to car parks, VIP areas, and backstage entrances, enhancing security and traffic flow during events.

Commercial and residential complexes: Mixed-use developments, office parks, and gated residential communities often utilise automatic vehicle barrier systems to manage access for both residents and visitors.

Why choose GDUK for your barrier system?


  • Customisation options: GDUK provides a range of materials, finishes, and designs for our barrier systems
  • Security features: GDUK can integrate a barrier gate with your choice of access systems from pin code terminals to intercom connections
  • Durability: GDUK only use the best quality, durable materials, ensuring that your barrier gate system can withstand frequent use and harsh weather conditions
  • Regulatory compliance: All GDUK barrier gate systems meet safety and accessibility standards, as set by the DHF
  • Service and maintenance contracts: GDUK offers comprehensive service and maintenance contracts, including annual or bi-annual checks and quick assessments, ensuring gates function at peak level for as long as possible
  • Client training and support: User training sessions are available on the proper use and basic maintenance of your gate

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