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High Speed Doors

A high-speed door is a type of industrial door designed for rapid opening and closing. They are ideal for optimising traffic flow, energy efficiency, and security in various settings. They are also known as ‘fast action doors’, ‘rapid action doors’ and ‘high speed roller doors’. They are ideal for environments where quick access and climate control are crucial.

Why choose a high speed door?


Operational efficiency: High-speed industrial doors open and close quickly, reducing wait times and optimising traffic flow. This enhances overall operational efficiency, especially in environments with high-frequency door usage.

Temperature control: High-speed doors contribute to better climate control by minimising heat loss or gain. This is crucial in facilities where maintaining specific temperature conditions is essential, such as food processing plants or cleanroom environments. This also contributes to stronger energy efficiency.

Durability and reliability: Fast action doors are built to withstand frequent use, making them durable and reliable. This longevity reduces maintenance costs and ensures a longer lifespan compared to traditional doors.

Productivity improvement: Faster access and reduced waiting times contribute to increased productivity in environments where efficiency is critical, such as logistics and manufacturing facilities.

Why choose GDUK for your high speed doors?


  • Customisation: GDUK doors offer bespoke door options including materials, finishes, and designs tailored to match a range of spaces.


  • Durability: GDUK doors, crafted with top-quality materials, withstand frequent use and diverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.


  • Regulatory compliance: GDUK high speed doors meet DHF best practice standards ensuring full compliance with building codes and regulations.

How can GDUK help you?


Expert high speed door installation: GDUK provides professional installation services led by skilled technicians specialising in setting up and configuring high speed roller doors.

Customised installation approaches: Our installation process is personalised based on your needs, considering factors like door type, space layout, and specific integration requirements.

Emphasis on efficiency and timeliness: GDUK prioritises swift and timely installations, minimising disruptions to business operations or daily activities for residential projects.

High speed door maintenance services 

GDUK presents scheduled maintenance plans for high-speed doors, encompassing regular inspections, adjustments, and preventive measures.


  • Routine diagnostic assessments: Conducted during maintenance visits, these assessments identify potential issues before escalation, ensuring proactive solutions to keep your doors in optimal working condition.
  • Ad hoc repairs and servicing: Complementing our planned maintenance, GDUK offers responsive ad hoc repair services. We promptly address unexpected issues, minimising downtime and ensuring the seamless operation of your rapid action doors.
  • Client training and support: GDUK conducts training sessions for clients and their staff, imparting knowledge on proper usage and basic maintenance of high speed rapid roll doors. Our goal is to empower users to operate doors effectively and identify minor issues, enhancing overall door management.
  • Documentation: GDUK provides comprehensive documentation, including manuals and guides to assist clients in understanding the features, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting steps for their specific high-speed door systems. We believe in empowering our clients with the information they need for efficient door system management.


Frequently Asked Questions


How fast do high-speed doors open and close?

High-speed doors typically have opening and closing speeds ranging from 1 to 2 metres per second, ensuring swift and efficient operation.


Are high-speed doors safe for high-traffic areas?

Absolutely. High-speed doors are equipped with safety features like sensors and automatic reversal mechanisms to ensure the safety of people and assets in busy areas.


What is the typical lifespan of a high-speed door?

The lifespan of a high-speed door depends on factors such as usage and maintenance. With proper care, high-quality doors can last for many years.


Can high-speed doors withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, high-speed doors are often designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Are high-speed doors noisy during operation?

Modern high-speed doors are designed to operate quietly, minimising disruption in the workplace or other environments.


Do high-speed doors have emergency opening options?

Yes, most high-speed doors we offer are equipped with emergency opening features, allowing quick manual operation in case of power failure or emergencies.

Purchasing a high speed door


When you are ready to purchase your new high speed door, get in touch by phone (0800 316 6994), email ( or via the online contact form below.

For more information about the purchase and installation process, access our comprehensive guide on buying your new door.

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