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Elevating your guest experience with automatic door systems

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In hospitality and retail, the first impression a guest or customer receives can significantly impact their perception of a business. From the moment they approach, every detail matters in shaping their experience, including your entrance choice. Automatic door systems can transform this crucial aspect of customer engagement, offering convenience, sophistication, and a touch of modernity. Let’s explore how automatic door systems are elevating the guest experience in other ways.

How can automatic door systems improve guest experience?

1. Convenience

Electronic doors offer a seamless and hassle-free entry experience for guests and customers. Automatic doors with sensors, in particular, can detect movement around the door, resulting in a warm welcome to visitors without the need for manual effort. 

This level of convenience is appreciated by individuals carrying luggage, moving pushchairs, or managing shopping trolleys, allowing them to enter and exit the premises with ease. By removing the manual effort that traditional swinging doors require, you can create a more inclusive and accommodating environment for all guests.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility should be a critical consideration for businesses wanting to cater to diverse demographics, including individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities.

Automatic door solutions enhance accessibility by providing a barrier-free entryway when the doors open. This allows wheelchair users, elderly individuals, and those with limited mobility to navigate the premises independently. This inclusivity not only complies with regulatory requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Door systems such as automatic sliding doors can also provide additional accessibility in the form of wide entryways. Where swinging doors don’t always provide sufficient opening width, sometimes making it difficult for wheelchair users to pass through, sliding doors naturally come with a good amount of room. 

3. Enhanced aesthetics

Beyond functionality, automatic door systems can elevate the aesthetic appeal of a business front. Automatic curved doors in particular offer a sleek, modern design with glass panels. Their minimalistic frames exude an air of sophistication and professionalism, setting a positive tone for guests’ experiences. 

Whether it’s a boutique hotel or a high-end restaurant, automatic doors refine your business entrance, making a memorable impression on visitors from the start.

4. Safety and security

When visiting your business, customers want to feel safe, especially if they will be staying for a prolonged period. Automatic door systems are equipped with advanced safety features that prioritise guest and employee well-being. 

Built-in sensors help to detect obstructions in the doorway, preventing accidents and injuries caused by closing doors. In emergencies, our automatic doors can facilitate swift evacuation by automatically opening to allow for a smooth exit. 

We can even integrate our existing technology with access control systems to enhance security by regulating entry permissions and monitoring traffic flow. Doing this gives you ultimate control over safeguarding your premises against unauthorised access and potential threats.

The importance of first impressions

In today’s competitive business landscape, creating a positive first impression is essential. 

Automatic door systems offer a versatile solution for businesses seeking to enhance the guest experience, whether this be through improving accessibility or elevating its aesthetic appeal. By combining convenience, aesthetics and safety, these innovative systems play a role in shaping the perception of a business from the moment guests step through the door. 

For more information about our automatic door entry systems, you can contact us at 0800 316 6994 or email us at Our team will be happy to help!

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